It has been a while, but I have yet again volunteered my services to set someone’s computer up for them – this time in an effort to stop them being fleeced by the computer guy at work. Well, not exactly fleeced – he’s a nice guy and he runs all the computers that they use at the office, but still…

She was very tempted by the computer guy, who suggested he could set her up with a whizzbang rig that would only set her back around $800. It was totally over the top for her requirements, and she was going to have to borrow the money to do it. However, her daughter put her in touch with this kind of backyard setup in Gippsland, and I helped talk her into buying one from them. Therefore, my friend has got a refurbed computer that has more than enough grunt for her word processing, email and interweb…for $150.

I promised to put Office 2007 on for her and generally set it up so it was ready to go when she gets it home and plugs it in. I went and picked it up yesterday – from a rundown suburban house that was humming with activity once you got to the front door and could see at least three people and a lot of computers. Looks like they’re on to a good thing!

The computer is nothing special, the power supply is pussy, the hard drive is only 40g, there is a floppy drive etc. etc. – but seriously – she’s not into gaming, she thinks Photoshop is a verb, and compared to what she’s running at the moment – it’s MORE than adequate.

Of course, it has taken me longer than I thought, installing this stuff. I had to find a *particular* file to help things along, and my USB drive was being finicky and not letting me copy files across. I had no other way to get the file over (I wasn’t going to even begin trying to set up a link between it and my macbook), didn’t want to waste a cd burning a 16MB file – so I uploaded it to my server, and then…fired up that old command prompt window on my friends machine and my fingers appeared to remember how to use ftp in that format!!

Now I am really not geeky at all in comparison to some friends I know, but it did give me a little buzz that somewhere in my fatigued and slow moving brain, I still had some kind of semi-geek knowledge hanging about – even after three years of being a mac person and not having to use it. *grin*

Of course, the zip file was cactus, so it wasn’t much use in the long run, and I instead borrowed M’s USB drive, which worked a treat. But that’s beside the point…