M and Small Z went for their morning boat walk, and M came back with his eyes aglow. He had been GIVEN a boat. He and Small Z had found it out the front of someone’s house around the corner with a ‘free’ sign on it, and went in to claim it. It’s a stinkboat, but it’s a COOL one! Quite Humberiffic in fact. Sadly, the very awesome looking motor is kind of dead.

The new boat

It needs some repair. The trailer needs a little bit of work, and new tyres. It looked to me like the trailer had the same size tyres as the caravan – 13inch. I wrote down the number of the one remaining tyre, and put it in Google. All kneel for Google, for it knows almost everything. Some odd Queensland government transport site told me this:

P165/75 SR13 is an example of a typical tyre marking. The definition is as follows:
P = passenger
165 = section width
75 = height-to-width ratio
S = speed rating
R = radial
13 = rim diameter (inches)

So…now I just need to find a couple on eBay. Oh. Actually, I need to find four. Two for the new boat trailer and one spare. And another spare for the caravan.