Last Saturday, M gave me half a day (the first half was stolen by a fruitless trip to Cranbourne Post Office which we belatedly realised was closed for Anzac Day. I had remembered what day it was when we had first arisen, but my sleep-deprived brain had not tallied that together with All-Shops-Will-Be-Shut. Thus, we drove there, stood in front of non-opening automatic doors, and, as a family, said GAH!

Once we got home, M entertained Small Z (I call these times her ‘daddy access days’ because they involve M’s version of copious trips to McDonalds i.e. plentiful walks to trees and the park and the beach and much sandpit action and pelican spotting). I sat in my room and worked on my Cat.

Cat. The Start.

I had begun this a week or so ago, spending an hour one night doing stitches around some button eyes. When Mr&Ms H came to visit a few weekends back, I had been very inspired by MsH’s craftiness (as in stitching, not plotting world domination). She showed me a journal cover she was working on, and explained how she did such beautiful little threaded patterns. Mine don’t breathe the same air as hers, but the idea was the same…

Then on my half day off, I moved on to other facial features.

Cat in the making
Cat in the making

While Small Z slept the next day I finished off the front and back, and then sewed on the base using big blobby blue wool later that night. Oddly, the wool is the exact same shade as over on Karen’s blog – although she is far more hardcore crafty than I. M says Cat looks like an Ewok. I think it’s the ears…

Cat Made! The Front.
Cat Made! The Back.

It did my soul good to MAKE something – and finish it. I think what is lacking sometimes in my existence is FOCUS. Just to sit here and write this, sort out and upload the images, I had to rap myself firmly on the forehead, and say “Put on the kettle. When it boils, stop doing the washing up, stop trying to de-clutter the crud everywhere, make some tea, and write some stuff on [miaow].” Ha. And now I have. Good.


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  1. Love the cat but have to admit I got a good chuckle when I read the word Ewok and then scanned down and saw the ears 🙂

  2. b:p

    Completely unintentional, but no bad thing… 😉

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