Meteorologically speaking, today is faultless. This morning M went out early to get the boat, as he and Dr Grass are going on a manly overnight fishing expedition. He, Small Z and I walked down to where he tied up the trimaran at the dock at around 9.30am this morning, and the weather was already winning me over.

The tide was running out and the water was not too cold. Had we stayed last night on the boat, I think this morning would have seen me jumping overboard for a somewhat bracing swim. I held Small Z over the water at the end of the pontoon and she kicked her legs up and down as the it swirled past her toes. I took her out. “More! MORE!!” I put her back.

We played on the boat for a while, and then moseyed back home via the little playground, where Small Z loves to swing about six feet in the air on the babies swing. I could feel her nanna wincing from 60km away. We saw some pelicans, who were large. And some seagulls, who were happy.

It’s now just after 2pm. I would love to capture the conditions right now – bookmark them – because this is really the kind of day that presses my buttons. The kind that makes me wonder if moving to northern NSW will do it for me…meterologically.

The sky is blue, the breeze is slight, the air is soft and it’s about 25 degrees. The sunshine encourages toe wiggling. Right now, I’m pretty happy to be where I am, regardless of the work I need to get done. Even looking out the window as I type is making me feel good about existing. It seems that my negativity has stepped out for a moment. Good timing.