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The extra working kills the blog.

Poor [miaow]. All neglected. I’ve been doing extra work to cover someone else who is having time off due to surgery. Sigh.

A few hours ago I wrote many paragraphs about last weeks adventure, but, unlike Firefox, it seems that Safari does not save such half finished posts when you – for some inexplainable reason, shut down the computer. Gah. So it is all lost. In point form, then =
– Had two days of work in office
– Decided to bring caravan to town for accommodation for myself and Small Z
– Did much reversing practice with box trailer, having never towed caravan before
– Very scary. Many meltdowns.
– M bought me caravan mirrors and gave me some valuable reversing tips-
BTW – reversing caravan much easier than reversing trailer – although still very bloody hard.
– L and D were very accommodating and let me use their driveway for three nights.
– Managed to drive self, Small Z and caravan into town unscathed.
– Survived freeways, roundabouts, narrow roads, road works and L’s driveway.
– Unhitched and heaved caravan around their front garden and driveway.
– Will never refer to puny upper body strength again, as managed to position whole caravan on own.
– Feel v.empowered and caravan savvy now 😉
– Had to leave Small Z at my mum’s for two days in a row. Far from ideal. Won’t do it again any time soon.
– Caravan needs several things – probably curtains are at top of list.
– Made it home Friday, also unscathed!! Am proud of self.
– The End.

My excellent caravan positioning
Small Z - Trailer Trash
Small Z poised for porridge


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  1. S*

    Dude, it would have saved you sooooo much hassle & meltdowns if you’d just stayed in our guest room like I offered!!! Honestly, it won’t put us out at all. It’d be fun to have visitors. We even have a portacot for the little one. Next time – call us! S* xxx

  2. b:p

    I know. But it was a really good opportunity for me to become a proper caravan person – and my mum’s house and my work were only five minutes away. Your guest room is still my other options – especially because it comes with its own bathroom and door to outside!!!

  3. D*

    Love the photo’s. They make me think of what our house would have looked like in it’s heyday. And it was great to have you here to stay. Little C went looking for a caravan (and playmate) again on Sunday….

  4. sam

    Work is a blog killer and should be outlawed. Why is it that your drafts always get destroyed when you are most time poor?! Excellent taming of the van btw! 🙂

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