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The Fruit Guru

My dad, who has been living exclusively in the country for…who knows, about six or seven years or so now, has been planting various trees throughout that time. There are plum, lime, orange, chestnut, persimmon, peach and apple trees. And I have definitely left out a few others. There are more apple trees than the other fruits, and not just the normal apples, but ones like the Gravenstein. They make amazing applesauce – one of my top five favourite foods.

Most of the trees, in the last couple of years, have become quite mature and have started producing serious amounts of fruit. After extensive prompting, a few weeks ago he began tentatively becoming a fruit-pimp, asking around at a few different places to see if they would be interested in selling his apples. Der. He has since made over a hundred dollars in apple sales – and the apples are amazing and ‘organic’ – i.e. grown without any chemical anything – the trees are fed with manure and covered with bird net.

The Spoils of the Fruit Guru
Small Z and Apple

So the fruit-pimp has re-labelled himself Fruit GURU. Particularly as he is also now selling something he didn’t plant, but continues to grow there regardless. Blackberries. Back when we moved to the house in the country for a couple of years when I was in primary school, the place was choked with blackberry. Now it remains in blobs around the property, and, although it is an evil weed, I am glad. Because blackberries are tasty. There are kilo bags of blackberries in his freezer and still more growing outside.

This afternoon Small Z and I went down for a late lunch, and as I languished over a Coopers, followed by a cup of tea, Man With Beard (my dad has not taken to the ‘Grandad’ title) took Small Z for a forage. She returned blacklipped and shrieking “More? More!?” We all went back out and she picked some herself. As did I.


And now I’m looking for a simple blackberry muffin recipe. Oh YUM.


The suit. And the…walking.


The extra working kills the blog.


  1. The best jam I ever made was from blackberries I picked with my sister-in-law, neice and nephew when I visited them out in Vancouver, B.C. They grow like weeds out there as well.

    I carted them through airport security back to Ontario and sieved out the cores and made the jam. Out of all the jams I’ve made that’s the one the kids asked for the most.

  2. *drolls*

    I have blackberry jam in fridge (acquired from the Collingwood farmer’s market). I have to put it at back of the fridge – if its at the front it lasts about a week.

    Blackberry pie also good – but pure sugar and needs small doses.

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