originally uploaded by Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm.

I wish I was more into crafty things, but I find I barely have time to shower, let alone vacuum often enough. However, another way to feel like you’re getting into the grassroots side of things is through Community Supported Agriculture. I saw this on Soulemama, which also mentioned the Martha’s Vineyard Fibre Farm. This caught my eye, because that’s where my uncle lives.

You can buy a share in the operation – you get a shareholder’s certificate and some lovely lamby fresh wool at shearing time. So it’s possible to be crafty in a less ‘hands on’ way. Did I ever mention that I had a lamb when I was in Grade 4? His name was Alfie, and I fed him with a bottle every morning. However, the lamb in the picture is cuter, simply by virtue of his fat little lamby legs. Thank god I don’t eat lamb. I can go to bed now and sleep easy! 🙂