So Victoria is kind of bleak and struggling at the moment. The media seem to be concentrating equally on stories of tragedy and loss and stories of miraculous and serendipitous reprieve. There’s a bucketload of donations being made – but one of the things that is a real necessity (besides lots of food for cattle and other animals) is accommodation for those that have been left homeless.

There is a site set up for people to both offer any accommodation they may have available, be it long term or short term, and for people in need to register their interest. It’s at and there is a twitter for it, and a facebook. The site is a tool to link up people – that’s its only purpose. If you have a spare room, bungalow, caravan or holiday house in the Melbourne area, I bet there are people out there who would be more than grateful for a roof, no matter how temporary.

Thanks to Sam for the link.