4 comments on “Very VERY bad weather.

  1. Hope the cool gets you soon. Bingi is ok… just. Some rain now but spot fires 10km away in Alberton. Tenter bloody hooks. Stay safe.

  2. You are champ. Cool is here. Spoke to your fatherly parent and he not only assured me of his continuing existence, but impressed me with his fire preparedness. Yay.

  3. I really hope your family are all ok, B.

    I’m pretty shattered at the news coming in, and that the entire town of Marysville is now ashes. I loved that place, and now it is no more.

    I moved to Victoria because I loved the countryside so much – and now some bastard arsonists have killed people, destroyed lives and wildlife.

    I cried a lot last night.

  4. Anything I might say would sound trivial since I’m not there but you guys are in my thoughts and prayers.

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