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Very VERY bad weather.

As someone who worked as part of the Bushfire CRC for a year or two, I am feeling VERY sick about the weather today. There are a nutso amount of fires going on, and just looking out our kitchen window as I type, the weather is about as pro-fire as you can get. The trees are bending in a very hot north westerly wind, the sky is grey and the temperature on our gauge has dropped from 46 degrees to 42 degrees. Which tells you how hot it is. Forty six degrees Celsius is 115 Fahrenheit. We’re bloody baking.

I’m looking at the incident summary list on the CFA site and there are some BIG fires. On the radio is one of the top guys, describing the sound an out of control bushfire makes as it gets close – it sounds like a jet plane. To be out there today, wearing fully protective clothing, fighting the fires, is more than dangerous. It’s something I would hope I’d never have to do – I am a hot weather pussy at the best of times. But the people on the firelines are amazing. I hope they stay safe. The cool change that is due is not great news for the fires, as it won’t bring any rain, and will probably just send them in another direction. We just have to wait. I’m hoping that the rellos in Binginwarri are OK.


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  1. sam

    Hope the cool gets you soon. Bingi is ok… just. Some rain now but spot fires 10km away in Alberton. Tenter bloody hooks. Stay safe.

  2. b:p

    You are champ. Cool is here. Spoke to your fatherly parent and he not only assured me of his continuing existence, but impressed me with his fire preparedness. Yay.

  3. I really hope your family are all ok, B.

    I’m pretty shattered at the news coming in, and that the entire town of Marysville is now ashes. I loved that place, and now it is no more.

    I moved to Victoria because I loved the countryside so much – and now some bastard arsonists have killed people, destroyed lives and wildlife.

    I cried a lot last night.

  4. Anything I might say would sound trivial since I’m not there but you guys are in my thoughts and prayers.

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