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We’re having a heatwave…

The air conditioner died yesterday. The air conditioner that we bought twelve months ago on a ‘twelve months interest free’ rort plan. The one that would be still paying off if I hadn’t juggled it over to some other ‘nine month interest free’ plan.

I called their tech support number and said “Our air conditioner keeps spasming and shuddering about every ten minutes or so…” The girl on the other end of the phone, who sounded in no way like a refrigeration mechanic, said “That means it’s faulty. It has a 24 month warranty. Take it back to where you got it from, and they will swap it over.”

I floundered. She hadn’t even delved into any detail. Didn’t care. I said a few times, “But it’s vibrating. Surely it’s something we can fix?” She just kept repeating, “Any vibration means it’s faulty. Take it back. Take it back.”

Gah. M turned into Man of the Match. He not only dug the receipt out of his files (!!!??) but called the shop where we got it and strong-armed the very reluctant person on the end of the phone into saying that, no, she couldn’t guarantee a swap over, but she could ask the manager to call us back. I had absolutely no faith that this would happen, but…sure enough, the phone rang. M had a blokey conversation, and then put the air conditioner in the car and drove to Frankston in 42 degrees, where he had to wait in the shop for an hour. He was then given a new air conditioner!@!

I couldn’t BELIEVE he was willing to drive in that heat, particularly as the car air conditioner is dodgy at best – but he is made of sterner stuff than me – I think he is part lizard. Anyway – for the four hours or so that we were without air con, Small Z and I languished in the hallway. When I say hallway, our hallway is not the usual deal. Think of your normal narrow hallway…and triple it. But still, it was about 40 degrees. We set up the paddle pool on a tarpaulin, and when it got really bad, we put the mattress down with a damp sheet on top. The whole time I was spraying us with water from a spray bottle…and thus, we coped. But it’s not something I particularly want to do again!

Small Z was a total champ throughout, and thought it was pretty fun that she got to hang out with me constantly and have a pool indoors! Obviously she does hang out with me all the time, but usually I’m trying to do things around the house – not something I would even consider in this kind of heatwave. We spent all of it (except the dead-air-con bit) in the back room. It was like being back in the trailer. I still have to post the picture of the thermometer in the kitchen showing 43 degrees inside and 53 outside.


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  1. Wow, absolutely incredible that’s unreal 53 degrees.

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