So this issue has plagued me for months. MONTHS I tell you. Finally, I solved it. There are a lot of pages out there with pissed off people saying “My old HP Laserjet won’t work since I upgraded my Mac to Leopard.” Damn right it won’t. I had to print via the Windows PC for the last six months for just this reason. But a few days ago? I sorted it. Yay me. This is how…

Google for about forty minutes and freak out about how much time you are wasting while you’re supposed to be working. Stumble on a site that is not really related to the specific issue, but relates how, when you go to install a printer (and, unsurprisingly, your Laserjet does not appear) you right click on the toolbar and select ‘Customise Toolbar’ and then drag an ‘Advanced’ button on to the toolbar. This miraculously gives you access to extra printer options. Why? Who knows. Someone at Apple must have been feeling grumpy that day and thought “I know, I’ll hide these. That will REALLY piss a few people off.” And they succeeded.

Anyway. Actually, you might not even have to do all that, because what really busted it open (I’m assuming you’ve installed all your Gutenprint drivers) was installing this: This is what made it work. If you need to find your printer’s usb url – a potentially troublesome task, go here and you can view them in your browser, providing the printer is installed.

OK. I feel like the above is kind of garbled, but it should help someone with the specific issue that I had. I know there are people out there gnashing their teeth over this and having to print via their PCs. So hopefully it’s helpful. It’s really hot here at the moment though, and I have to go.