m i a o w


A motor in ‘moo

Today was the most sublime day in existence, yet again proving that 26 degrees is truly my most ideal temperature. At around 6pm this evening we put Oomoo on his trolley and went over the road to the tiniest nearest homemade ‘boat ramp’ in amongst the mangroves. Here is myself and Small Z making our way offshore – it’s the first time she’s ever worn her little lifejacket. I love how the sun hits the water in this shot. It’s the first time we have all been out in Oomoo together…

Sparkling our way toward my small boat.
Small Z and me. First time out in my small boat.

After we got back, I went for a quick noodle on my own – but when I came back, M said that Small Z had not particularly warmed to the sight of me disappearing by boat out through the mangroves and into the ‘open sea’. So I came ashore, and he went for a solo manly motor…

M out in Oomoo just over te road from our house




The definition of idyllic

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  1. Seems ideal, mind you at the moment we’ve had about a foot or more of the white stuff fall. I need to post a picture in my blog so all my fair weather friends can appreciate what they’ve got.

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