Yesterday we were given reprieve from the disgustingly hot weather that had been forecast, when the cool change came through early. We’d organised to go for a meander on the creek with Dan, Mardi and their two boys – we headed off at the civilised hour of 3pm.

This was not a time that was good for Small Z’s afternoon nap, but she was so excited to be on the boat and decked out in her brand new BabyBanz (sunglasses) that for a while it was irrelevant. We sat on the trampoline together, as Mardi flaked out on the other side of the boat, M instructed the boys on the finer arts of steerage and Dan strummed his mandolin. It was startlingly pleasant.

Me and my baby Ray Charles

Later on, Small Z and I went into the cabin, and she explored for a while. Then I fed her, and she drifted off into baby-dreamland. She slept on me like she was sleeping for Australia, and I didn’t have the heart to try and put her down in the back cabin – so things continued up on deck, and the others disembarked to go and have a look at the catamaran, and Small Z and I spent our journey snug down below.

Of course, Dan and Mardi have both been parents for about eight years longer than we have, and came stunningly prepared with fruit snacks, and a barbecue dinner! M and I will be like that…one day, I’m sure! We managed to create some peas and mashed potato to go along with it. It was a lovely day. And I would write more about it, but my bed is calling. Check out M’s blog for more in depth descriptions – he’s the one without the boobs and more time. I’m just glad I got to include a picture of Small Z in her sunglasses!


No, Telstra really do suck. Really.


A motor in ‘moo

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  1. Beautiful picture of the two of you I’d frame that one.

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