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The Warming of the New House

Yesterday was a combined housewarming and birthday party for Small Z. The weather could not have been more perfect, and we had a about a ninety percent attendance level! M was a complete whiz, and ran around organising the barbeque, the surfski, washed down the Sunliner to make it sparkle and also spent time hanging with Small Z, who wore a dress for about the second time in her whole life.

The second pussycat birthday cake was very well received…and got completely eaten. I didn’t get one bit!

M, B and Small Z with her birthday cake

There were five babies at the party, and at one point they were all nude in a tiny paddling pool – I will have to dig up some photos of that. Meanwhile, here is Axel with his dad.

Axel sitting on Dyl's shoulders

It was great for Small Z to catch up with some other little people near her own age. She has not hung out with any other babies since seeing the beautiful Marco up in NSW – he is one month younger than her. Her other mate, Elijah, is one month older – and they had some fun together yesterday.

Small E, Ellise, Beth and Small Z

Everybody seemed to like our new house, and agreed it was a significant improvement on the trailer. Because we were in such a tiny space for two and a half years, we don’t really have much furniture and the house was just a huge playground of mostly empty space for lots of screaming little boys! Here’s one of them, Otis, hanging with his parents in the hammock…

Mung, Rach and Otis in the hammock

Although it was one of the best barbecues we have had, it was pretty sad for me, as Small Brother came for a few hours, but then had to disappear on his way back to New York. Stupid old New York πŸ™ He spent quite a bit of time with Small Z, and I got some of my favourite pictures of them together…

Small Brother and Small Z.

As I type this he is about eight hours into his 26 hour flight back to the US and I feel like his visit was SO fleeting. (Hello Small Brother, if you are reading this out there, travel well and may your bamboo shoot in your apartment greet you in a robust manner.)

Small Z and her uncle on the fitball

M and I still feel like we have rented this house for the summer – it’s such a change from where we were before that it doesn’t quite seem real yet. Although we’re going to be much more, how shall I put it? Financially challenged – I would rather be living on rice and beans with space around us, a big garden and lovely views than having a bit more cash, less space and not very baby-friendly outdoor surrounds. I now realise I had begun feeling so constricted living in the trailer that I didn’t even really want people to visit anymore. Although we might have moved out of the blue, I think the decision was a good one. Hooray for the new house!

Our new view from the kitchen


Happy Birthday Baby!


No, Telstra really do suck. Really.

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  1. From what I can tell from both of you peeking out from behind Small Z you and your brother look remarkably alike.

    Congrats on the new house and I hope you’re all happy there.

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