Happy Birthday Baby!

Small Z celebrated her first birthday with all her relatives and a couple of friends (Grassy Noel and Christine). We had salad rolls, cake and champagne. Small Z felt the day was very successful. M made her a fantastic birthday cake, which she was allowed to poke with her chubby little starfish hands.

Zoe the PartyPie turns ONE!
Zoe the PartyPie turns ONE!
Zoe the PartyPie turns ONE!
Zoe the PartyPie turns ONE!

We toasted Small Z, and then M made a toast to the efforts of my boobs, and all that they had achieved over the last twelve months. Small Brother took Small Z on rides on her Big Dog all around the backyard and we listened to kid-music until we couldn’t take it anymore and turned on the Audreys.


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  1. sam

    Big birthday wishes to my small nieceling (i think?!)… can i just say i LOVE the cat cake… they’re not mint leaf eyes and musk stick whiskers are they? whoa! Three cheers for Small Z x

  2. Happy belated birthday wishes Small Z!!! Hard to believe that a year has passed already.

  3. b:p

    Thank yous to Sam and Karen!
    @ Sam – you’re spot on. Straight out of a mixed lollies dream bag.
    @ Karen – this year has passed in an eyeblink. I cannot BELIEVE I have a one-year-old?!

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