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B & Small Z’s First Trip Away. Day Three.

Jen had a phone call from a nearby macadamia farmer. It has been made law that they have to contact their neighbours prior to spraying their crop. Although the time for spraying had been a while back, some new pest was waggling its tail, and the farmer told Jen that spraying would happen around 11am. My plot had been to give Small Z a car free day, but fate, and the macadamia farmer, had other ideas.

We left right on time for Small Z’s nap. I, in a moment of utter brilliance, had packed a little battery powered speaker for my iPod. I put it in the back and cranked the baby-tunes The Ants Go Marching…. It took about ten minutes for both of them to conk out, and Jen, lovely Jen, drove the meandering back way via Byron Bay to Brunswick Heads – one of my most favourite destinations.

It was a day that we could not have planned, and it ended up being one of the best days I’ve had all year. We went into Conti – a cafe that is serious about it’s excellence. Jen and I shared a chocolatey thing that seduced us both, and I had a banana smoothie. It was the kind of cafe that I dream about from the main street of Tooradin. I knew M would have loved it. From there we walked around to the beach.

I hadn’t realised we wouldn’t be making it back to the car before hitting the waves, but we made do. My knickers were (luckily) boyshort style and Small Z borrowed a spare top of Marco’s, while the rest of her was smeared in high grade sunscreen. Brunswick Heads babies beach is actually at the mouth of the Brunswick River (somewhere that has featured several times in these pages) protected by two breakwaters.

There was some shade that was perfect for baby changing at the top of the beach.

Small Z's first dip at the beach. Brunswick Heads

The sun was wowee zowee hot – it wasn’t the best time of the day to have the babes on the beach, but they survived unscathed, while Jen and I both got our shoulders a little bit pinked. I really wish that I had bought a disposable waterproof camera to use for Small Z’s first ever swim in the sea… but I didn’t. This is just before we jumped in.

Me and Small Z at sea.

Small Z thought the water was fantastico – although she and Marco did both get some boobie action in the shallows – both of them had little waves hit them in the head. It was lovely in and I pined to take my little caravan back to our favourite site at the nearby campground. But comforted myself that with any luck, we’ll sail up the coast on our large catamaran at some point, and hang around there for as long as we want.

We plashed around for quite a while, and then headed up to the outdoor shower.

After the outdoor shower. Checking out the pram wheel.

Wandered back over the bridge and then lunched on some fabulous falafels and homemade lemonade with rosewater – heavenly.

The wonders of efficient car airconditioning (about which I know little) made the car comfortable, and Small Z and Marco obliged us by falling asleep AGAIN. All credit to Jen’s baby-whispering driving and my iPod speaker. You can tell that I was hung up on the car driving, right? I actually was quite worried that Small Z would just HATE the driving part of our trip, but the only time it was a hassle was the first day we arrived. All the other times were peachy fine. I was soooo relieved.

Small Z and I hung out on the deck while the others had a nanna nap when we got home. I was playing around with the black and white setting on my mum’s camera, and Small Z was in the hammock chair…

In the hammock swing

Also, a bit later on that day, Small Z went to sleep and I put her in the Happy Hangup. She appeared to love it and I was determined to try it again before we left. It’s different to other baby hammocks in that it can be used (hung low to the ground) until the baby is three or four. Of course I am on the lookout for anything to convince Small Z to sleep for longer blocks of time, so throughout my stay I looked upon the Happy Hangup with a Hungry Eye.


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  1. sam

    Love the b&w photo – she looks SO much like you! Hope the move is smooth… at least you’re not moving in 35 degrees which was my fate last weekend :O

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