Small Z and I had gone to sleep to the thrumming of sub-tropical rain on the roof. We awoke in the morning to gunmetal skies, and the noises of nature. The noises! I had forgotten already how alive everything sounds up there. Just like when we lived in Hervey Bay. The birds are louder, the bugs are bigger, the rain is wetter and everything springs out of the ground with a vengeance.

We had a shower and wandered over to the house, where everything was kicking on. arcoM generally wakes up at 6.30am and Ian and Small C have to get off to work and school. The coffee machine was going, the fancy museli was out, the toaster was toasting and the babies were plopped down together as we fuelled up for the day.

The wonder of other people's toys

Small Z and I jumped in the car with Jen and Marco, with Small C squished in the middle of both babies. Thank goodness for Small C, who entertained Small Z all the way to school. We went for a wander for necessities around Mullumbimby. Walking around there with Jen takes me back to when I was first getting it on with M. Whenever we would walk down Brunswick Street or Smith Street (in Fitzroy and Collingwood, respectively) he would see about a bamillion people he knew. And thus it is with Jen. They share the same birthday and the same Labrador gene.

We got drinks, moved tables when a jackhammer started up on the other side of the wall to where we were sitting and chatted while I periodically got up to scoop up Small Z from where she had crawled out the door and on to the footpath. I know by now that her immune system is like a ROCK if only due to all the dirt she encounters while on all fours. Marco slept on the journey home and Small Z, who was feeling more at home with her situation, was not particularly perturbed by the car ride.

Then there was sleeping. It was super muggy and humid – the rain the night before had not really broken the weather at all. Small Z didn’t seem to mind it.

Sleeping in the garden flat.