Small Z seemed to find it v.comfortable in my sister’s bed, and slumbered until we had the car ready outside. It was a cold trip in between house and car, but after a few protests, she seemed to like the excitement of an early morning ride. We got dropped off at the airport, and our progress on to the plane was SO smooth that I almost retracted all my JetStar angst. Almost.

We got to go to our own deserted counter, and were given three seats to ourselves! This was a godsend, as once we were aboard, Small Z wanted to explore the entire plane, but was generally placated with a three seat radius. A German nanny adopted us for a while and showed me all the pictures of the babies she has been looking after on her phone camera. Small Z got a bit cranky after that and I managed to feed her off to sleep, and she slept for 35 minutes, waking up about ten minutes before landing.

En route to Ballina

She was fantastic on the plane, and had a ball. I made sure she was either feeding, or drinking from her cup on the taking off and landing bits, in order to clear her ears with swallowing. There were absolutely no dramas. She did escape me once and burrowed under my seat to the one behind – and I got tapped on the shoulder by a girl who asked if I’d lost something… And once Small Z had been returned, wriggling, she had to tap me on the shoulder three more times with books and toys that had gone astray. God knows what we would have done without the three seats!

Examining the menu.

Jen met us at the airport and I got to see the beautiful Mediterranean baby Marco for the first time! Last time we had all seen each other, both Small Z and Marco were in utero, so it was v.exciting. The drive from the airport was not too great, as Small Z was whacked. We broke for a drink in lovely Bangalow, and then kept driving to Rosebank. Small Z did not enjoy the drive, but Jen did her ‘baby charming’ voice and I did several little ducks, and we made it intact.

Two in the back

After napping in my favourite garden flat, Small Z and I went up to the house and I caught up with Ian, Jen and Small C, while the babies played and the rain hammered down.

Arrived! Trying out the new toys!

Small Z is a bit more mobile that Small M, and our hostly hosts had put up a gate to stop her taking a header down the steps outside the French windows. For which they must be thanked.

Small Z's very own safety gate