Dating, and some plans for adventure

I have had a somewhat difficult week. Poor Small Z was struck by roseola – a virus that gave her a very high temperature for three days and then an all over rash for another three. Plush oral thrush that I didn’t realise that she had – and like the little animal she is, she had no way to tell me, except to bite me when she fed, because her mouth was so sore 🙁 She is also getting even MORE teeth – the canine ones this time, and I can see them almost bulging through the sides of her gums as they come down – it looks so painful. Poor little thing.

So after all that, it was lovely to find her back to her old self on Sunday (except, obviously, for the teeth). M and I decided to grab her and go on a date. D&L were visiting rellies in Crib Point and called us, so we all met up in Mornington, where we snacked, and then L and I looked through the swimwear shop – where there were many things, but nothing for me. Bikini top for $100? I don’t think so – not in these straitened times. And anyway, I’ve been spending money we don’t have already…

Earlier in the week, I was whimpering down the telephone to J, up in northern NSW – and she basically said, “B, get your butt up here for a few days and you, me, Small Z and Small M will do a whole lot of nothing and eat a lot of Thai takeaway.” So I pondered this. I checked out some prices. Spoke with M, who bade me godspeed, and booked it. Haven’t heard from J since – I think she’s in shock ;P

I am very excited, although I have a bit of trepidation about the flights and associated car journeys. But all I can do about that is relax, hope and bring a lot of pieces of apple as bribery. (It’s like travelling with a small miniature pony.) We leave on December 7th. I have been wanting to meet little Marco all year! One of the other things is that it will be great for Small Z to hang with another baby her age for three or four days. It will be lovely to escape the trailer and the weather and the work for a little block of time.

E has sent me a lovely instructional email about How She Survived Flying to Darwin with Small E a few months ago – and I’m learning it all by heart!

Anyway, M and I continued on our date, and took in a gallery and had a scenic drive while Small Z slept in the back. (Did you get that? I type ‘slept in the back’ in tones of joy. She’s gone back to sleeping in the car. Mostly.) We wandered to Hastings where we sat on the sand, wandered around the pool centre and dwardled down the mainstreet, where M got an average coffee. I then bought him some Grand Ridge Brewery Gippsland Gold beer that was on sale at the bottle shop – what a triumph!! It was lovely to have some time together – most of the time I work and he minds Z, or he works and I mind Z, or we both work, and my mum minds Z. Some QT was definitely due!


Swim where?


Yawn…time for bed.


  1. Rae

    ooh! A plane trip! That’s fantastic. What a great break you gals will have together.

    And slept in the car!! Go Z!!!

  2. J

    No! I’m not in shock ya dag – I can’t wait to see you guys. In fact Marco’s sleep has gone totally mental in anticipation…
    The problem with Ian doing the night settling is that when he goes away there is nothing I can do about my boobs coming into little M’s room with me. For us, the appearance of boobs in the night is not a helpful thing…

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