I was whining about the utter craptasticness of MacSpeech Dictate the other day. You know, when I wasn’t harping on negatively about how horrible my life is and the sleep, the sleep. Ha.

Anyway – I have had a google alert primed for any information about MacSpeech, in order to try and avoid the nightmare that has been the VMWare install (a breeze), the install of Windows XP (a breeze) the install of Dragon Naturally Speaking on aforementioned virtual operating system thingy (the nightmare). Today, again, I was stuck with two thousand Sikhs (2006) and two thousand sticks (2006) and vast amounts of other errors that I was UNABLE TO CORRECT.

And guess what? I finished my work today. I also pretty much sorted out my tax (thank you for the reminders, L) and there, sitting snugly in my inbox, was a google alert listing all the places online that were talking about the update to the program. Not just any update, but one that allows you to spell the word that MacSpeech has just got wrong and thus TEACH IT NOT TO DO IT AGAIN. I am praying that they have also included the ability to make all numerals text and have killed that ridiculous auto-indent.

I am going to persevere with this thing, and uninstall VMWare etc. and reclaim some valuable hard drive space.