Note to self on laundry

There are some things in my life that need to be kept separate.
M. The dryer. Woollens.

Shrunk. One pair of Llamajamas

Most specifically, any more Llamajama longies or shorties that Small Z might be lucky enough to come by. These were put in on HIGH and are now newborn size and felted. (Oh, and just to people that are bored enough to follow that link, no way did I pay full price for these – just so you know!)


Grand Finale


I hate MacSpeech Dictate and so do two thousand Sikhs.


  1. The wording in the brackets of course is a guarantee that we’re going to follow that link. Would it be bad of me to think that considering they were handknits the prices don’t seem too outrageous? (keeping in mind I’d never personally pay that – also keeping in mind I knit)

    I’m thinking that the felted pants might look good on small Z’s dolly assuming she has one.

  2. b:p

    Karen – you are right. It’s not too much for handknits – it’s just too much for my current paltry budget. But mostly I wrote it for the benefit of M, who hated those longies and would probably choke at the idea that I might have bought them at full price. I really have to learn to knit more than a few rows! I would love to make her some.

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