Today’s tastiest spam – from Dianna

With the subject line of the email being “It’s Dianna” – I received the following:

Do not ignore me please,
I found your email somewhere and now decided to write you.
Let me know if you do not mind. If you want I can send you some pictures of me.
I am a nice pretty girl. Don’t reply to this email.
Email me direclty at ddianna@onlineldp.info

Ha! I love that the subject line had the correct punctuation, and the first time is so similar to someone calling you and saying “Don’t hang up! Don’t hang up!”

(It’s indicative of my life at the moment that my gmail has ELEVEN HUNDRED unread emails. Gah. I have been having an ‘unsubscribe’ fest to try and fix this – because it seems that the more unread emails you have, the less in control you feel! Have to get going with Mail on the Mac – have decided to give it another go.)


Me and Bowie. Ch-ch-ch-changes….


Chinese whispers


  1. The last time my email got so neglected, I simply deleted everything without reading it.

    I figure if it’s important, the person would have telephoned me, or will try again.

    And the spammers don’t waste my time.

  2. Try Thunderbird – it connects fine to Gmail and seems to detect a fair bit of spam.

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