Me and Bowie. Ch-ch-ch-changes….

So I didn’t type this yesterday in case I jinxed it. About a month or so ago my friend J said “B, you need to put Small Z in the next size up of the most full on chemical ridden disposables that you can. We put Small M in the next size up eco-disposable, and it lasts all night.”

I had two responses. One was that I’d tried both eco-disposables and also scary disposables and had success with neither. The other thing was that Small M only eats once or sometimes twice a night, whereas Small Z has a snackfest in comparison. Anyway, I went to my alterno-mother’s group the other day, and a few people there swore by the ‘sizing up’ thing.

Back when Small Z was born, our lovely landlord brought around two packs of disposables that his grandkids no longer fitted into. One was toddler sized Huggies – for babies 10kg and up. So not last night but the night before I dug them out of my donate-to-op-shop pile. Small Z is just over seven kilograms, so I figured they are the next size up.

Get this. For the last two nights I have changed her ONCE. I cannot TYPE THIS LOUD ENOUGH. ONCE. ONCE. ONCE. She still woke heaps, but not having to change her – up to five or six times – just ratcheted down my stress levels quite a bit. Changing a baby you want to go back to sleep is an anomaly – it just wakes them up more and they fuss. Especially as it’s fairly chilly here.

What this also meant was that I could stuff her in a baby sleeping bag – I’ve never been able to do this before because it added a dreaded extra step to the whole changing process. Now, with her crazy rolling, she can remain crazy, but warm. And… despite having a hard time getting her settled last night, she then did two three hour blocks.

I swear, my body didn’t know what to do with itself. It felt that strange, elongated sleep sensation and dived straight in and sunk to the bottom. I felt more exhausted this morning than I normally do after a hell night – M reckons it’s because I got a taste of what sleep could be, and my body wants more.

Anyway, after posting all my moans and groans, I thought it would be nice to post a baby-win! Pretty funny that Small Z and I are going to have our photos taken for the paper this Friday, espousing our commitment to cloth nappies!! As M is irritatingly fond of saying – pick your battles. We’ll stay planet friendly during the day and chemical laden at night. I have to remember – don’t just try things once or twice – try them again, and again, and then again!


Friday night. Let’s twist again.


Today’s tastiest spam – from Dianna


  1. I have to admit that when I had my kids it was really before the enviromental awareness that we have today. I think from reading various blogs that possibly Australia is a bit ahead of the game when compared to Canada as well.

    I started off using cloth diapers (ill-made ones) and converted to disposables. By the time the last baby was born the science of disposables had improved so much with their moisture absorbing ablility that I literally had to take my son out of them at three years of age and put him into cloth pants to toilet train him because wearing the disposables was no hardship to him and he never felt wet.

    Glad you got some sleep time and I hope it continues 🙂

  2. J

    Special guest comment from ‘J’ – she who always snoops but makes not a murmur on these pages…
    YES – the sleep thing is weird. Now that I sleep better (from my crazy mental insomnia interspersed with baby feeding) I have to DRAAAG my sorry arse out of bed to feed little ‘M’ once. Somehow makes the rythymn of the two hourly feeds in the early days seem easier(?) Now that adrenaline is not my constant friend – I am TIRED.
    After much research MOLTEX might be the best (eco) nappies (SAFETIES have stopped production, and are under investigation for their 100% biodegradeable claims). SHOPHOUSE (online) is the cheapest place I’ve found (so far). Happy sleeping Chickie! – Oh you’ll be here in a few days, so I can confer in person – right?

  3. seepi

    We are eco by day and disposable by night too!

    Although to be honest now we are disposable for going out, and on daycare days, so we are probably down to half and half.

    Every bit counts I reckon.

    And the more of us that buy Eco disposables the better they will get too.

  4. b:p

    @ Karen – I have heard that from people my mum’s age – that babies used to toilet train earlier because they didn’t like feeling wet in those white square cloth nappies. I hope to start introducing Small Z to the potty as soon as she learns to sit up, just to get her acquainted with it.

    @J OH MY GOD YOU COMMENTED HERE! YOU FILTHY LURKER! And you KNOW how to make me feel BAD! I wish we WERE seeing you this weekend as planned. No moneyo maximo stupido 🙁
    I bought some Safeties last night as Small Z and I did an unplanned stay at my mum’s as the traffic was too bad to get home. Mega leak in the middle of the night – on mum’s bed!! Not impressed. Will keep eye out for MOLTEX (even though that sounds like some brand of cat fur remover).

    @ Seepi – half and half is better than nothing! I have found it’s really saved me a lot of time. All those nights I spent composing the most absorbent night nappies that I could – SIX of them a night. ARGH!

  5. Rae

    Damn me, hitting enter when I meant to hit caps lock to unlock. Anyway… start again…

    Hazzah! Welcome to the world of baby-in-my-life-and-i sleep. Gotta love it. 🙂

  6. seepi

    Moltex are good,but expensive, and on the thin side. I could only get them mail order. We find Eco-bots the best (from Coles) but who knows how Eco they really are. Coles Own Eco nappies are very thin, and separate inside if you keep them kicking around in a napy bag for months.

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