Staying mum

Tuesday mornings I do my three-hour-and-no-longer whip into work and back, to drop off the files I’ve finished for the week, and pick up the next lot. It takes me about fifty minutes in and fifty minutes out – which sounds like I have a good hour up my sleeve – but with ten or fifteen dithering minutes occupied with leaving, then parking, stray roadworks and a possible stop to pick something up, time is tight. PartyPie feeds about every three hours more or less, and as she won’t have a bottle M spends the time that I”m absent praying that I won’t go under truck.

So I race into work, having picked up a baby hammock on the way – we’ve paid thirty bucks to try it out for two weeks – and everybody is there. I don’t have any of my customary guilt, because I cleared it with WorkL yesterday that I wouldn’t be coming into the office for a day a week for the forseeable future, due to the hideous logistics involved. SO RELIEVED.

“Where’s Zoe?!? they chorus.

“Um. I would rather drive hot skewers under my fingernails than endure an hour in the car with her? How is this news?”

Apparently I have never spoken of this before. Which is not true, but anyway…

“What do you mean? All babies like the car!” says WorkL.

“Yes! They love it!” says S.

“Ah, mine – they loved the car,” carols SoFrenchySoChic.

“And mine,” I say, smiling, “Hates the car. And why wouldn’t she? I wouldn’t strap her into a capsule at home and expect her to happily look at the ceiling for an hour.”

“Yes,” says WorkL reprovingly, “But you should put up some toys for her. Then she can play and fall asleep.”

I inform her that most parts of the car within Z’s vision are bedecked in dangling toy things, to no avail. And no, she won’t sleep in the car without a fight.

“Ah, she’s overstimulated,” concludes S.

I bite my tongue. I’m getting better at not letting this stuff faze me, and am no longer feeling like Z and I are freaks because she won’t travel in the car with constant good humour/drink from a bottle/sleep through the night. People are so odd. Yesterday in an email about me not working from the office any time soon WorkL said;
“Have you and M considered taking Zoe to a sleep clinic? They’re great!”
Um. I never said anything about her sleep. But I forgot, everyone has an opinion – and, more annoyingly, a solution! Actually, until I posted the other day about her being a champ at night, there weren’t any sleep issues – of course, since I was so stupid as to write that down for everyone to see, she’s got a good dose of the four-month-crazies and now – although we can get her to sleep at night – we have to do it repeatedly, as she just pops awake. M has been referring to her as amphetamine baby – or something similar.


Diary of a Madwoman




  1. Everyone has an opinion (ask me how I know vbg…let me tell you…). I guess you have to take us with a grain of salt and maybe, you’ll hit gold every once and a while and something said will strike home or make sense or work for you.

  2. seepi

    Well mine never slept in the car or in the pram. She does sleep well at night though.

    I never got overloaded with advice – maybe I look too grumpy!

    Eventually in the car you can bribe them with biscuits!!

    Hey – do you need anymore cloth nappies – I need to get rid of some pink ones (pending new baby is a boy – eeeek)
    – what size is Z now? Email me if you are keen. I have given some to vinnies, but I’m worried they will bin them, not realising what they are…

  3. Rae

    Oh dear god people are full of things they think are helpful. Sure, sometimes they are helpful, but 99% of the time, they don’t know your kid and they have no idea. Heck, I got 4 and none of them are the same. Then there’s those damn books where they are meant to help, and why is it there is always something that your kid is doing, and no book has the same example or any advice!

    Harrumph. Sorry, just using your comment section to vent. I should get my own blog 🙂

    Seriously, if you want to chat, drop me a line and I’ll see if any of mine did something similar and we can see if there’s anything that might help!

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