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Welcome to the World

Yesterday we hosted a Welcome to the World party for Small Z. I have to admit – it was entirely organised by M, as I couldn’t bear to wrap my sapped and exhausted brain around the mere idea of putting on a ‘do’. M sent out the invites, cleared out the backyard (goodbye to Buns’ bunny compound) and bought some party supplies. My mum was amazing and provided two huge excellent salads (she is not known as the ‘salad nazi’ for nothing), watermelon, and made an equally large pink iced chocolate cake (pictures to follow).

This was the picture he used on the invite. I kind of like it :o)

Sunset smiling. Six weeks old,

E contributed her famous chickpea salad, and everyone (including my Nan, who is here from Marblehead, Small Brother, who is here from London, and Relle – our lovely doula) gathered in our somewhat dry and dusty backyard, which looks on to the paddocks.

T and Small Brother made sure everyone was equipped with champagne, and the weather was startlingly cooperative. M had worked hard on what he wanted to say and I had decided that I would also speak a few short words. M primed a few people to contribute a poem to welcoming Zoe, and E, PGR and my mum (as tribal nanna) all spoke. It was actually quite an exceptional occasion. I welcomed Small Z to the world and remarked on the fact that I have found her personality laden, intriguing and alarmingly adorable since the time of her arrival – I also introduced Small Brother (whom not everyone knows, due to his London lifestyle) and made it known that should M and I be hit by a stray asteroid, it will be he who takes over Small Z wrangling – his title? Spare Parent. Ha!

I wetted Small Z’s head with a little bit of champagne, and DJ finished off proceedings with a poem he had thoughtfulliy and humorously penned in the back of his street directory. We all barbequed, drank and nattered into the night. It was great to see my Nan meeting all our mates, and Small Z’s other baby friends (Small E and Chloe Rose) were also in attendance.

It was a day that I couldn’t have put together, but I’m so grateful that M did. Almost everyone remembered to write in the Special Book that I’m going to keep as a record of Zoe’s first year. It was a lovely day; because of the people who came along (M referred to them as “Zoe’s Tribe”) and also because of why they came. M finished his welcome speech with this:

William Blake put childhood this way:
To see the World in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.

*Salad Nazi: someone who repeatedly forces their salad upon you e.g. “Have you had some of the green salad? Have more of the green salad. Hey, I don’t think you eat enough salad. Do you want to finish off that salad?”


Not multi-tasking, just pretending.


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  1. Dylan

    Sounds like a great day! Sorry we couldn’t be there 🙁

  2. b:p

    It was ace – we missed you two 🙁

  3. What a great idea and the photo is just beautiful. How nice that M organized, my significant other wouldn’t have a clue.

  4. b:p

    M, although non-religious, has a thing about there not being enough ceremonies in our everyday lives – and now I’m glad he does!

  5. Ian

    M, the poet laureate of the people & all small denizens of this world! Go Zoe!

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