The paediatrician was a dream. He looked like a character from a Roald Dahl book, kind of sketchy, gangly and wise; he took a thorough history, examined the PartyPie and asked lots of good questions. He knew that an oversupply of milk can cause digestive problems – even in a baby with properly working digestion (commonly called lactose overload); he also talked about how the baby’s digestive system can be damaged by gastro or an allergy via the mother’s diet.

He suggested that if it’s not a severe problem, it’s something that PartyPie might grow out of in a few weeks – and that it may be an option to start her early on solid foods. If there was a bad problem with her gut, she would not be gaining weight at the startling rate that she is currently – so this is a good thing. The paediatrician didn’t think we were newbie parent freaks, and said he would be in touch with test results.

Thus, we have to capture that most elusive of beasts – the Poo of the PartyPie – which will be tested, along with the less elusive wee, at the pathology place in Cranbourne. I am to continue on the dairy free diet (sob) to see if it makes a difference, to start taking iron again (hooray!) and to mainline some highgrade calcium supplements on a regular basis.

Since beginning with the block feeding (after the night of The Pumping) she has had a few episodes of gut horror, but on the whole, it seems to be considerably better. Now I just have to try to avoid having boobs like rockmelons 😉 It’s all good. PartyPie is a chilled out little bugger, who has taken to smiling (mostly at M) and who often giggles in her sleep.