7 comments on “Oversupply & Doctor with God Complex

  1. Wow, how scary, but you guys have done awesomely! Well done. I can see Z is going to improve from here.

  2. Basically I worship whatever you type, because you’re wrangling four little people! :)

  3. This is very interesting to read even though I’m well past it. My first one would feed for about 5-10 minutes and then let go screaming in pain. The milk streaming in her face as you’ve described. There was no google or Internet back then and bottle feeding was the norm and nobody knew much about breast feeding your baby.

    My how times have changed. I think you’re right in writing all of this up because it’s going to be very helpful for some other distressed parents out there who haven’t a clue what’s going on.

  4. That’s so full on!
    I have a theory that there is a 50% strike rate that doctors working in hospitals will be human. The other half are psycho alien types, who usually think you are one crazy lady and can barely disguise their (misplaced) disdain.
    Good on you for getting through it all…

  5. Thanks for those comments, both of you – makes me feel less like a psycho first time parental creature! I really do hope it helps someone else.

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  7. Kitiya on ·

    This is very similar to what I’m experiencing. repeated or even worsen case of overload after a couple of days of treatment. I am trying out the FDBF method and will see how it goes. Hope all is well for you!

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