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I have come a realisation – my lack of posting here is as much to do with no sleep and small baby, as it is with wanting to keep my content from becoming baby-drenched. However, this appears to be impossible. I’m used to writing about everyday stuff, and Small Z has become pretty much the sum total of my every day – that’s what happens when you’re a milkbar with a 24/7 availability. Therefore I have come to the conclusion that I will just have to grin and bear it and listen to the band play on as [miaow] either never gets updated or the majority of postings involve Small Z – I’m going with the latter option. Read elsewhere if it bores you…

That said, I had a nice day today. M went driving in my new wheels to Vic Market, leaving me in sole charge of Small Z, who was a cherub and sat there gazing about while I did mundanities involving vacuuming and washing, and then slept in her bassinette (after some persuasion) while I stewed a bagful of plums and a bagful of peaches that have come off the trees at Loch. Tres excellente!

M arrived home in a fog of REd Rooster fumes. He’d filled up Manny (that’s my car – so named for the person we bought it from – and also for Bill Bailey’s character in Black Books) with BIODIESEL. Yes! He went to get a container of it to put in the other car, and decided not to wait to put the new hoses in Manny, but to just jump in and fill up regardless. Standing behind the car is like being in the drive-thru at Maccas. It’s very soothing to the conscience and the main reason we are a diesel driving household.

I am going to visit E and Smaller E tomorrow, and it will be interesting to see if I develop a huge craving for chips on the way there…


Loobylu. Woo hoo!


Oversupply & Doctor with God Complex

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  1. Dylan

    Congratulations! You have gone biodiesel! I remember M fantasizing about it years ago.

    That’s way cool. Nice one.

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