4 comments on “Where have I been? Where I have been.

  1. Karen on ·

    It brings back many memories especially one vivid one I have of shopping downtown (small town at time) and having to manage one toddler and one baby dressed in bulky snowsuits, trying to lug one under either arm into the store – not fun.

  2. Going out with my first was the best thing. I was hardly ever home. She was known as the kid who lived in my car :) What’s happened since with 2,3 & 4? Heh, they never leave the house! That said, neither do I *sob*

  3. God – lugging one is hard enough – but I think it was mostly due to using the sling and having a heavy bag full of baby crud. I am, however, continually thankful that she is a summer baby and that at least I’m not having to get her in and out of layers of clothes – she’s got clothes in abundance, but generally wows her fans in a singlet and nappy combo. True haute couture.

  4. Karen on ·

    I don’t know if they sell them over in Australia but if you can pick up one of those baby carriers that look like a knapsack only you wear it on the front then at least you have two arms free. Mind you it’s only comfortable until the baby gets to a weight where it puts a strain on your back.

    It’s great for carrying around a fussy baby (well most babies) because they seem to go to sleep in it but it leaves you free to do some work around the house.

    Course now that I think of it probably too hot for use in summer in Australia.

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