Hello Marco!

Our lovely (and endlessly accommodating friends) Ian and J have thoughtfully provided Z with a playmate. Little Marco was born yesterday in the Lismore Hospital. Very VERY exciting news!! J was intent on avoiding a Capricorn baby, and got herself a small Aquarian. It is hard to be so far away when we could all be sharing our small-baby time together – but gives us even more incentive to get the hell back up to Northern NSW and meet the new addition to one of our favourite families. Hooray! Hooray!!

UPDATE: Have fixed spelling. Have no idea why I spelt it like that!? Blame my fuzzy brain!


Where have I been? Where I have been.


Arsenic and Soup

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  1. ian

    Hate to be a pernickity parent but its spelled Marco!!!! (get thee to an editor)hehehehe…anyhow he rocks in all definitions of the word! May he & Zoe catch many a bream together!

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