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Hello Zoe!

PartyPie became Zoe on Wednesday, 9 January 2008 at 10.09am. She was born in the water and weighed 8.3 pounds – also known as 3.7 kilograms – and was 51 centimetres long (20 inches). Practically a tapeworm! M was beyond awesome and without him there would have been no birth! And Relle (our doula) was fantastic and one of the best decisions we made. (So was the decision to use Contraction Master).

M, Zoe and I waited out the hot weather until the change broke around midday today and left our little life at the hospital and went out into the proper world. I sat in the back with Z and M drove and we sang songs by the Shins. It was like we’d won the war. Both of us are quite incredulous, with side servings of euphoria and disbelief. In our rush to the hospital we forgot our phone chargers and so both phones had carked it by this morning – we’ve only just been able to plug them in and start listening to the most lovely messages from all our friends.

The 17 people who voted “It’s A Girl” are the obvious winners, and are therefore smarter, cooler and more highly intuitive than those who voted “It’s A Boy”… 😛 Ha! The actual discovery of this vital point was quite amusing – as M initally called it wrong and the midwives had to gently suggest he take another look. I will post a few pictures…when I can find ones that don’t feature my OH-MY-GOD-THEY’RE-ENORMOUS boobalicious action.

PartyPie aka Zoe


I think I am fixated.


Hello Dawn!


  1. Congratulations Beth and M, such wonderful news. Welcome to the world Zoe.

  2. Rae

    Fantastic news! So lovely to hear. Well done!

  3. Dylan

    Absolutely fantastic guys! Congratulations!

    Axel will be along shortly to play with Zoe.

  4. Yoong and Raymond

    Congratulations from Hong Kong.

    Dylan’s folks.

  5. Congratulations! Glad to hear everything went well, and Zoe is such a beautiful name.

  6. stacee

    Congratulations, Beth and M! Lovely name, lovely girl. So glad you’re all doing great!

  7. Karen

    Aah! Congrats I knew it was a girl and such a cutie too. LOL, now instead of being known as PartyPie you’ll be having people say what a cutiepie or sweetiepie instead.

    Welcome to the next exciting stage of your lives.

  8. seepi



    Now where are the gruesome labour details – how long was it??

  9. Congrats Beth and M! Wonderful news – and a great name too! Naturally I was one of the clever take a 50/50 gamble and getting it right. 🙂

  10. ian

    hey guys – congrats to all 3 of you! I know little Zoe will be a lover of life just as her folks are…go kid go!

  11. HI guys and congratulations to you both on the most amazing and empowering birth I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing!

    Zoe is just gorgeous and I look forward to hearing all about her as she grows!


  12. b:p

    Ohhhhh! [grin] Thank you – ALL of you!! I have just read all your comments to M as well.
    @ seepi – the labour was about six and a half hours, and I’m definitely going to write it up!

  13. acb

    Congratulations. Btw, Zoe is a lovely name. (Will she get an umlaut over the ‘e’?)

  14. jess mclean

    hey beth – glad to hear the good news! It’s been ages since I’ve seen you or been in touch – probably four years nearly now since rmit days…but I follow miaow religiously and am stoked for you and M. Zoe is gorgeous!
    btw – am three months pregnant so have been particularly enjoying the before baby stories. looking forward to reading more too… xo jess

  15. b:p

    @ acb – thank you! am pondering umlaut…
    @ jess – congratulations to YOU!! I was thinking of you just two days ago while I went through the numbers in my mobile phone – had no idea you were still out there in the cyber ether and glad to hear that baby stories are exciting for someone because i know how eye crossingly boring they can be!

  16. Lorraine Carlton

    Hi Beth, great to read of your exciting news, yes I am still a voyuer at your site and fondly remember your patience with me at WHW re computer skills. Doing well as you appear to and looking forward to grandie No3 around Australia Day from No1 son and his partner, Aislinn..Love and congrats xx

  17. jess mc

    thanks very much!
    it’s raining like crazy in broken hill today and i hope melburnia is sharing the cool too.
    i am lurking around these days, trying to finish this phd, no blogging anymore but happy to keep reading. good luck with everything 🙂

  18. L

    Hi Zoe,
    Welcome to the world, it is a fun place to be, mama says we have to be friends….

  19. sam

    A little belated I’m afraid (me not you!) but congrats on Zoe’s arrival. She looks a beauty! sam 🙂

  20. b:p

    @ Sam & Chloe – thank you! Z gets more unsquashed looking everyday. She is v.cute.

    @ Lorraine – you’re still out there lurking! I am GLAD! Good luck with grandkid No.3 – if it’s on time, it will be able to have long weekend birthday parties! A good thing! 🙂

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