m i a o w


I think I am fixated.

Have given up paddock walking and have instead taken to window shopping and op-shop trawling. I am in the op-shop this morning and I say to M;
“Look! Look! Another totally intact glass stove top coffee percolator – for only FIVE DOLLARS.”

He looks at me like I am an unusual bug. We already have one of these exact items in our cupboard at home, which I also bought for five dollars and we have used precisely once.

“I have to tell you,” he says, “That you are probably the only person in the world to think that is a good thing. The rest of the world understands that you are slightly simple.” He does not finish his sentence with “Capice?”, but it hangs in the air.

I pout. Put the percolator back on the shelf. I don’t drink coffee, and yet I find the idea of being able to watch it cook on the stove and shoot up a glass tube particularly appealing. For four people. Or six! My thoughts return sadly to raspberry leaf tea and copious amounts of iron-rich Milo, neither of which will shoot through a glass tube. Bet I could have sold it on ebay for at least 20 bucks.


Patience and punctuality. Both wildly overrated.


Hello Zoe!


  1. Oh god! I’d take it – I love those. My favorite way to make coffee.

  2. Rae

    Fabbo! Which op shop? And do you think my mega wide pram would fit through the door? This is my main reason for not taking them out so often – you can’t get into anywhere!

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