A new set of wheels…

I have long been pondering what to do about my car situation. M keeps telling me that Merky (the 300TD) is my car – but I have never really felt that it is. Mostly because we bought it to replace Vanee, which was always M’s baby – and also because of M’s violent love for Merky and the time he has spent working on it and protecting it from hailstones. Meanwhile, the Humber has sat stationery, it’s fate undecided.

I did get a second opinion from another Humber whisperer, who drove up to the Trailer, said “Hi, I’m Simon,” jumped into the Humber, revved it, and said “Yep. Dead.” and muttered something else about ‘big ends’. Sigh. Basically I had to decide whether to have further investigations undertaken – which could have meant a new bearing or a new engine and one of two outcomes – getting the Humber back to running order after spending, maybe, around $500 more or less – but still with its sad door constantly reminding me of my idiocy, the rust and the letting in of water. Or deciding it was all too much and that I should call it a day.

But I love my car, and it is supposed to pull my caravan. Eventually. However, in the meantime my dad has bought himself a Humber which boasts a fantastic paintjob (albeit, mushroom brown) and interior, which I suppose I can borrow to pull the caravan when such an ensemble is required. I also began being seduced by the my first experiences of car air conditioning. I know. I came late to the party – but WOW! I’m so fickle.

And then I saw this car on Ebay. Another Mercedes 300D – but this time a sedan, not a station wagon.

My new wheels

My reasoning was that if I could get a replacement car for not much money, then why not get one with air conditioning and also one that M has declared his passion and understanding for. So the new car would have to be another Humber (which I would understand) or a HiAce or an older Mercedes (both M’s areas).

So we went to Lilydale (a land far, far away) the other day and test drove the 300D. It was cool. It ran well. M went all over and under it. There is a bit of rust in the doors, which sucks, but doors are not hard to find. Last night I put in my maximum bid with about seven minutes to go. And seven minutes later I had bought it – for FAR less than I had been willing to pay. OMG!! Still can’t actually believe it! I am not kidding when I say that pretty much the exact same car (one year older) sold four days ago in Caroline Springs for $3464.00. Mine? $1275.00. And I’m pretty happy with that – it leaves some funds to cover the inevitable roadworthy, registration and transfer fees, as well as all the new filters M wants to put in it and some biodiesel fuel hoses.

And most importantly? We have a car each, and don’t have to rely on a borrowed set of wheels – as much as I like to zip around in Small Brother’s Datsun, I think it would much prefer to be back tucked undercover in Bay 4 of dad’s shed. I am wondering about driving something that is not from 1964. This new car is from 1981 and at that time sold new for $35,000!! I am such a Modern Girl!


Meat and Greet


Happy New Year!

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  1. Sam

    Hi Beth,

    Remember me from those halcyon days at the Centre for Risk….? I found you when I googled people who are blogging on Mercedes SVO conversions. You seem to be up to a lot these days. Congrats on your cute baby! I must say there are some remarkable parallels in our lives at present. The move to the country (I live close to Seymour). The old rust bucket that I will not let die (remember my Peugeot ute). I am now flirting with fantasies of buying a diesel something, without much know how and a little hesitance at getting another old car, but it seems like an experiment worth doing. How is your biodiesel thing coming along? How are you doing it? I know you’re probably pretty busy right now, but invite me down sometime for a tour of your engines and fuel lines.

    Sam (also blogging sometimes at samandtim.blogspot.com)

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