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The Mia Cushion

It is almost a year since M and I were appointed as godparents to M’s (wait for it…) Great Niece – a small child called Mia Grace. We had not a clue of what being a godparent entailed, sent up some champagne for the christening and hoped for the best. We have never met, which is sort of odd, because Mia Grace hangs out in Hervey Bay, Queensland and she turns One on 12 December.

M and I were pondering one what a one-year-old would like, until it got too hard and we were at a market in Mornington and saw some gorgeous cushions, one of which said ‘Mia’. They are handmade by Emma and Me – two enterprising mothers. I love it.

The Mia Cushion


Camping hot and cold.


The irony. Thanks to Small Brother!

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  1. Karen

    This is beautifully made and it looks like a nice soft comfy pillow that a one year old would love to snuggle into, great find.


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