Kevin 07 BBQ

We thought we’d help Kevin along by having an election BBQ yesterday – the Trailer’s biggest gathering to date. It was also a kind of pre-Christmas mingle to see everyone while we are still pre-PartyPie. Two hours before everyone was due, the fridge carked it. Then I got a splinter the size of a small tree down the side of my thumbnail. Had small meltdown (ha!). We were rescued by our inestimable landlord, who donated two huge car fridges, some tennis rackets and a cricket bat – and offered the use of the tennis court!

Once again we looked like a car saleyard…

Trailer Election BBQ Car Park

The BBQ that we got from Freecycle a week ago performed beautifully, if enthusiastically. And we forgot to tell people that we had donated two slabs of VB and so there is heaps left over, as people politely drank their own beer. As soon as Howard lost Bennelong, everyone began getting quite chirpy and hopeful. Maxine McKew’s I’m-not-claiming-victory-but-will-natter-on-regardless speech was a little bit scary; her grin spoke far better than she did.

By the time Howard accepted defeat, all was joy and happiness – the BBQ had moved from outside to the loungeroom. Although a few hardcore people (myself and three small boys) went back outside a bit later and did some excellent marshmallow toasting.

Election marshmallows...

The other good thing that happened was that our landlord apologised for his inaction on the air conditioner he had said he would have put in for us, and said he’d get on to it in the next week or so. M and I looked at each other and wondered what the hell we would now do with the portable bazillion dollar one that we ‘bought’ last week on 12-month’s interest free. Today we just boxed it up, wheeled it into the shop, I looked pregnant and unhappy, and said it simply wouldn’t do. And we evaded a debt-filled fate! 🙂


The vote is in. The potato salad waits.


A book for recording journeys…


  1. Dylan

    Sounds like fun. Sorry I couldn’t make it 🙁

    Kevin is such a lame name for a dude who runs a whole country!

  2. b:p

    🙁 it was weird that you weren’t there! And you’re right about the name ‘Kevin’ – ‘Julia’ sounds so much better!

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