The vote is in. The potato salad waits.

I have voted. I filled out all SIXTY-EIGHT boxes of that senate form (after some encouragement from M, who was equally diligent). Now it is up to the rest of the country to Do The Right Thing, while I make the world’s biggest potato salad and some lethal and not-so-lethal punch for the Trailer BBQ we are having later this afternoon to celebrate the imminent arrival of Kevin (although I dreamily fantasise about some freakish occurrence involving Bob Brown and his sudden ascendancy to complete power…).

Celebrations also ensue to catch up with people who we might see before the imminent arrival of PartyPie. I really do want to be able welcome PartyPie into a country whose leader I don’t find a complete embarrassment – however I have to admit, that from my current position of name fixated carrier-of-nameless-foetus, the name ‘Kevin’ doesn’t totally ring my bell in the charisma stakes, ‘Howard’ is damned forever, and ‘Bob’ makes me think of the psycho from Twin Peaks.

OK. To the salad! (Pictures to follow.)


Buns’ moves to a new patch


Kevin 07 BBQ

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  1. dyn

    Congrats on your electroate Doing The Right Thing. Hope Canada follows your example when our turn comes.

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