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Little Earth Stories

Don’t think that I’ve mentioned this, but if you are looking for some interesting reading you should head over to Little Earth Stories where my cousin is chronicling her very interesting life aboard S.V. Pelican – a very impressively large (19 metre) catamaran. This is HUGE. I thought our catamaran was big, but this makes it look teeny tiny at 11 metres long.

She has chucked in her desk job (taken a leave of absence) and has already been up to Cairns and Cooktown, and Lizard Island! Reading her tales while I sit at my desk gives me super itchy feet. We had planned to go out on the little trimaran on the Sunday just gone – but the perks of having a mooring in a tidal creek, also mean that you are slave to the tide – so if we leave at high tide at 3pm – we either spotlight our way back down the creek twelve hours later, or return around the same time the next afternoon, which was logistically impossible due to a ‘let’s measure PartyPie appointment’. Gah.

So go on, live vicariously through Sam! You might have seen the S.V. Pelican on the 7.30 Report about three weeks ago.


I am suggestible. It must stop.


The cramps


  1. Sam

    Oooh… thanks for the wrap πŸ™‚ Pelican will be around Melbourne in December – or more precisely, sailing around Port Phillip and Westernport bays, doing a water quality monitoring project called, oddly enough, Two Bays. I’ll post the schedule on my blog when I get a copy. I think Andrew Denton is launching the project at St Kilda Pier on 2 December. We’ll be stopping at ports around the bays, so come aboard for a visit!

  2. b:p

    Excellent! We are moored on a creek that feeds into Westernport, we will hunt you down! Possibly powered by sail…or car πŸ™‚

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