People catered to my whim. I have a couple of necessities while I’m up here and one is a market. Today was the only opportunity to get to one, so we planned our trip to involve both fishing and a market to keep everyone happy. At around 11am we drove to Lismore car boot market, which was situated in a less than salubrious underground carpark and had just the right amount of secondhand junk and clothes to keep me happy. I scored some trousers, a hat, some bananas, ate two ice creams and declared myself happy. M bought some books and the other guys ate curry and bought a painted plaster parrot. After some prolonged lingering we set off for Evans Head via Woodburn.

M and I were secretly relieved that our plans of 18 months previously to live in Woodburn had fallen through – the town is even less charismatic than Tooradin and the situation would have been both dire and expensive. Evans Head was skanky and built up on the outer and quite nice near the water. There was a little skewed old jetty out the front of the RSL that looked private, but the guy in the bait shop told M it was accessible to the public, but only by walking down the side of the RSL building. Ian bought $4 worth of chips, we got some chicken gut bait and went and hung out on the jetty, helping Small C cast the handline. There were lots of bites and the bait kept departing the hook.

Little bit windy, but lovely in the sun. We stayed for a few hours, but eventually had to return, fishless, via Lismore supermarket.

M on trampoline