Sunny morning in garden flat
Our holiday digs and pebble sign

Waking up when you’ve arrived somewhere at night is always good. We were awakened by small C who presented us with towels. We then went with her and J on the school run and got to walk through Shearwater Steiner School – which was just amazing – like a hippy eco resort crossed with a learning institution. There was a cafe selling lovely food, a creek, herb gardens, and probably lots of other stuff that didn’t have time to look at. Breakfast at a cafe was required for first-day-of-holiday festivity.

The rest of the day was spent on a trip to Corndale where we unsuccessfully visited a garlic farm where there was no one home (M is currently obsessed with growing garlic), napping, and then a noodle to Brunswick Heads, where M and I have stayed a few times before. We checked out our favourite campsite, and there seemed to be a lot of people in the camping ground, and we pondered about how we would one day like to pull up in the Very Large Catamaran and hang about there for a while. The op-shop held nothing of interest, and we drove home via the twisty turns where M made vegetables with peanut sauce on rice and we bemoaned our thoughtlessness that had meant we had no chocolate, and ate prawn crackers instead.