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Hello Chloe Rose!

On Christmas Day L rang me to say ‘Happy Christmas’, and added “I’m pregnant!” It was odd. She was the first one of my girlfriends that I am in regular contact with to get knocked up. She was due in August. It seemed like more than forever away. She told everyone quite early so we didn’t think she had a major disease because she felt so ill. I waited the full three months before I told her about PartyPie and enjoyed illicitly pumping her for information during that time. She is a fantastic researcher and is my conspirator in the exhaustive pursuit of a bargain.

How is it possibly AUGUST already!?? We went shopping last week, and I could barely look at L side on in fear of the whale I am going to become. Her baby – a girl – was due on Saturday. I knew in my heart that L could never possibly have a baby that arrived on time. It would just not be right – she is chronically late. Last night I got the text – she was on her way into Masada. OMG. I have spent the next however many hours poised to… to I don’t know what! This morning I got an update – still no arrival.

I was just out striding around the paddock. It has been the most sublime weather that we’ve had for weeks and weeks. I had my phone with me. A text came through at about 5pm: Chloe Rose – born at 3.58pm – 8.9 pounds – 49.5cm long. CONGRATULATIONS L & D – you are champions! Now I’m going to study you all like lab rats for the next six months!! Can’t wait to visit bearing sushi and brie!


The baby dollar


The floor

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    And the best brie ever it was!
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