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Human Brain Cloud

This is sort of cool – my friend Dylan (whose comment on Harry Potter I deleted out of spite) sent this to me: Human Brain Cloud. I am HumanMiaow.


Like watching WHO magazine


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  1. Dylan

    HEY, censorship!!! Cool!!!

    HP sux!!!

  2. b:p

    I have always been aware that there is a gaping hole in your soul, which I think is linked to a preference for action over narrative. SO NER TO YOU and I bet your lovely wife LIKES HP!!

  3. Dylan

    We went to see the lastest HP movie and THANK GOD we did la premiere! I had a whole couch to myself and it was just big enough for me to curl up and sleep for all the boring bits. Which was most of the film!

    So Harry spends the bulk of the film training up the noob students, there’s like 20 or so of them. Then at the end we reach the climax, Harry and a few other kids are fighting the baddies and getting their butts kicked and what happens? the grownups turn up and save the day! What the hell was the point of the WHOLE film?

    The film looked like a low budget peice of poo! That Voldemont dude was soooo scary!! Lookout! He’s got a white stocking on his head! LOL

  4. b:p

    I am so going to kick your arse on Thursday. Start tensing up those butt cheeks ;P

  5. Dylan

    ok, sounds good!

    cheek tensing in progress!

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