Like watching WHO magazine

Tonight on Enough Rope Andrew Denton was channelling pure schlock. I suppose everyone has to have their low points, but Phil Jamieson looking like an accountant while talking about beating his addiction to crystal meth? My jaw cracked with the yawn. It was like being stuck at a supermarket check-out with nothing better to do than read a trashy mag to pass the time. Surely there are VAST amounts of more interesting people to ‘interview’ out there? OK Andrew, that was your slump, now it will get better. Right? Right??!


I managed it! NO SPOILER


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  1. Dylan

    Sometimes his show is interesting, like when Mike Willesee wanted to punch him out cause Denton mentioned James Randi…lol that was good!

    But mostly it’s the same as all the rest, just ppl trying to sell some shit. Ppl think it’s high class interviewing cause Denton puts on his puppydog face and asks “tough” questions and it’s on ABC.


  2. b:p

    Dude. You are such an agitator!! I think he is a good interviewer, but yeah – last night could have been a lot better. I’m keen to see him talk to Lincoln Hall though.

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