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London O Hull TWO

For the past fortnight, M has been on fire for the lord of catamaran. (How does this relate to the title of this post? Um. It was the only musical reference I could thing of that contained the word ‘hull’. I desperately wanted a wordplay on Mull of Kintyre but just couldn’t wrap my head around one.) He finished off the roof in less than two weeks, beginning with this (which took a few days in itself):

Building the roof.

…and finishing with a roof that resembled a large slater bug (this pic taken from the opposite direction):

Building the roof.

…and then a week ago, took apart the base that he’d used to build the roof (thus providing fuel for our wood fire) and began work on Hull Number 2. This is what he’s done in about seven days. The hull on the left is the first one that we flipped and moved over a few weeks back. The beginnings of Hull No.2 are in the foreground – being constructed upside down.

Beginning the second hull

In the next pic the completed first hull is in the foreground, while Hull No.2 is at the back.

Second hull

So that’s where it’s at. Of course, it’s much easier building something for the second time when everything is in place, but still. He is a shed demon!


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  1. Soon as I read the title, I thought ‘Housemartins’

  2. b:p

    Ha! I am not alone! Let me compliment you on your taste 😉

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