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Google reminders via SMS

I swing a lot between using Google Calendar and the Entourage Calendar (I don’t really like Entourage, but I DO like being able to have all my incoming mail being filtered into folders). Anyway, my time with Entourage Calendar has just finished – because Google Calendar can SMS me when I’m due for an appointment. Today I was heading to the osteopath, and I got a text from google with the appointment time, address and contact details. How cool is that?! (Well, it would have been cooler if my phone still hadn’t been onboard the boat, where it’s been since Sunday’s Mother’s Day Sailing Adventure – but you get the idea.)

So, what does it cost? Um – it doesn’t seem to cost anything! I’m sure this is an oversight that will soon be rectified by some bean counting economic rationalistic bastardry, but in the meantime…I remember why I Love The Internet.
The information that is given on Google Calendar says:

Google Calendar is a free service and Google doesn’t charge you to receive notifications. Please keep in mind that if you’re in the US or Canada, your mobile service provider’s standard rate for receiving text messages may apply. If you have any questions about the rate, please contact your operator for more information.


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  1. Tom

    I can’t beleive you didn’t remind me about Mother’s Day!! It was the rather folorn vocal tones of our mother that greeted me today when I called her! Merci bien

  2. b:p

    Yeah, well, I just thought you should stew in your own juice for a bit…! Ha! Actually, when I did remember to remind you, my phone was stuck on boat. Gah. Merci be-an.

  3. Sadly only works for Optus and Voda. No Telstra support. 🙁

  4. b:p

    That’s got to be a first! I would have thought it would be the other way around. 😐

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