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Hot Cross Buns

The last few days have been a drain on resources and tempers. Went a bit overboard on the catering for the Rockwiz gathering. Also, M and I have now got an unexpected dependent – a black rabbit called Buns. It (I have to refer to it as ‘it’ because I don’t know which it is) turned up at Dad’s place and he trapped it in a feral cat cage baited with carrot. It seems quite tame, and obviously boasts an excellent self-sufficiency – as there are no nearby houses – unless it just teleported itself from a pet shop.

Of course, with my Dad being in and out of town, he thoughtfully texted me:


I texted back.


He responded.


I groaned.


But really, the deed was done. I pissed off M by saying we would have Buns even before we met it. Then, of course, M had to devote a day of his weekend to going with me to buy all the items needed for a rabbit hutch and then build it. The next day we went to get it. It was staying in the cat home we call Guantanamo – that M built for our cats when we went away last year – it appeared to be bored.

We put it in a pet carry box, and it sounded unhappy. After all my bunny googling, I wondered whether it would even survive the journey to its new home or whether it would decide to die from shock. We left it in the box while we finished off the hutch. Just to add to the somewhat volatile atmosphere, M moved my fit-strider off the top of the trailer and it squashed his finger, turning it blue under the nail. It was hardly the best beginning for our life with Buns. While M swore and did deep breathing, I vented my fury on the fit-strider by jumping up and down on it and kicking it… until I realised that the guy who owns the place was quite nearby. I slunk quietly elsewhere.

We stuffed the hutch into the van with little discussion and brought it back to the trailer, Buns still incarcerated in his box in the back of the Humber. We set up his new home with hay, a water bowl, food, pine cones for him to play with and some hardwood to chew on, as google tells me it is necessary. We shut the cats indoors, and put Buns inside the new home. It underwent an immediate personality change and investigated the whole thing, looking startlingly smart. We covered the hutch in mozzie net, as mozzies carry myxo and there are HEAPS around here at the moment.

So – Buns survived last night no worries. This morning I schlepped back to Bunnings (HA!) and bought tent pegs. We set up the mozzie net as a kind of tepee and cat barrier – basically to keep the cats a few feet from the sides of the hutch. A disaster. Mow – who already has a few dead feral rabbits to his name, went (unsurprisingly) into immediate predator mode. He stalked Buns up and down, and then ran up and down very fast, and Buns ran like a black flash up into his bed. It was awful.

We tempted the cats back inside with food, and M and I both had a screaming rant about the stupidity of the whole idea. I decided to be hardcore and deliver him back from whence he came. Then I had a thought. Just one. We’d already spent bucks on the hutch – maybe we should just spend a bit more and build a good cat proof fence? M, startlingly, agreed (he’d taken a liking to Buns, who survived the mental torture of being cat stalked with what can only be described as nonchalance). He went out and returned with star pickets and chicken wire. We built a circular fence with a gate which circles the hutch with about four feet to spare.

We used tent pegs to flatten the wire to the ground, and let the cats out. They immediately paced right around the fence like the Gestapo, looking for the way in. After about 20 minutes of not being able to find one, and sitting contemplating their caged snack, they became BORED!! Buns stayed outside in his run the whole time, staring back inscrutably – as is the way of black furry creatures. My old school friend Judy came over for a cup of tea and we watched the Hutch from the window. The cats were not even bothering to vigil. THANK GOD!!

So it’s actually all rather excellent, because we now have a run for Buns – it can lollop around outside it’s hutch protected by the cat proof fence (supervised in case of burrowing) when the cats are locked away. I will post pictures when I get back from work.

Oh. In trying to find a picture on the net of a similar bunny, I found this – which I’m assuming is supposed to be a rabbit, but looks more like an abandoned luxuriant toupee.


Wagon Wheels


So no one notice?


  1. Dylan

    get on messenger!

  2. L

    What you actually need is one of these, that will solve the cat problem.

  3. b:p

    OMG! Look at that things feet!! I would love one of the cats to DARE to approach it – it’s feet are more like toboggans!

  4. Karen

    I believe that’s a picture of a long-haired guinea pig. Love the pics of the big bunnies.

  5. L

    I think Americans call guinea pigs cavies, which is odd cos they don’t live in caves as far as I know. Maybe someone with an American relative should ask them 🙂
    There was an email doing the rounds a few years ago about the outrage caused by a giant bunny wedding, someone put hats on their bunnies and had a wedding, the point is google it, giant bunny fest, amazing, fortunately I don’t think you can get them in Aust.

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