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Donate your bits. Now.

I admit it. At various times over the past few years I’ve picked up an organ donor form. Did I fill it out? Yes. Did I ever get around to sending it in? No. In the same way I haven’t ‘got around’ to donating blood any time in the recent past. Because I am a Big Fat SLACKER. So I found it greatly soothing to my conscience when over at Between Coffees Tony put up a link to an online registration form to become an Australian organ donor. And so I did. Now stop reading, and you do it. Just click HERE.






  1. It’s unbelievable that only 200 people last year donated their organs. How fucking shit are Australians?

    P.S. I am a donor – I shudder to think what use my smoker’s lungs, drinker’s liver+kidneys and bad eyes are to someone but they’re welcome to whatever they can get.

  2. b:p

    Well, I could just ask you to take a brief look at who they voted in as primeminister, and it should all become a bit clearer.

    P.S – I am wondering whether my lasered eyes will be any good for someone else! My liver surely must be improving now I’ve been on the wagon for OVER a week!!?

  3. Oh! There’s an idea – John Howard – involuntary organ donor!

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