This wind is making me THIRSTY. Actually, after my efforts on Saturday night, water is still my drink of choice. But when they issue severe weather warnings and coastal wind warnings around here, we get every last bit of it. The wind just hammers across the surround flatness, and then goes SPLAT against the trailer. All the hanging potplats are just completely weary, and I am cranky. Casually employed and cranky.

I don’t object to the casual employment. I prefer more money to sick leave. BUT just at the moment, so soon after Christmas, I am getting a little bit sick of my plans to do an extra days work from home each week to give myself two weeks off at the end of March. Gah. Maybe I should just do the extra days all crammed into the next week or two and suffer the pain. Meanwhile, the wind has ripped the caravan tarpaulin down the middle. As a devout believer in gaffer tape, I tried to fix it thusly – but the wonder of gaffer was swiftly dealt with by… even more high powered wind.

Surely I can harness the bloody stuff to my advantage somehow? Although, as a renter, I can’t just remove the trailer from the electricity grid and attach it to my little fan that I’ll just leave out in the back garden. Mostly because there is a power point outside which appears to run the electric fences on the property, which keeps the cows from taking over the world. Actually – I’m not sure that would be such a bad thing.