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Life for Sale on Ebay

I am a little slow on the uptake at present and bidding for this guy’s life has already finished, but it is still up on ebay, so if you haven’t seen it, check it out. It is all over the Internet, but has only just made it to my slowly frying brain. It’s going to be 38 hideous degrees. I have already gone down to the servo and bought two bags of ice.

I have no idea why I bought two bags as there is nowhere to put them. Thus far I have managed to stuff a bit of it into my evaporative cooler, some into our tiny fridge freezed, a bit into my little esky, and the rest is sitting in a bucket in the bath. Sigh. Today I’m supposed to be doing a bit of work, and also have to wipe macbook1 and the hard drive of my ThinkPad (RIP). Because I really feel like taking apart my other computer and plugging this bloody hard drive in. NOT.


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  1. If you’re selling Macbook1…boot off the installation dvd, by inserting the DVD and turning on the macbook while holding down the “C” key. Then use the disk utility program, in the utilities menu, to do a secure erase of the hard drive. This will prevent whoever buys the machine from retrieving your personal data off the machine after you sell it. A seven-pass wipe is considered secure by the US government, and should be more than adequate for your use. If you’re truly paranoid, do a 35-pass wipe…and expect to spend a few day waiting for it it finish running.

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