After M and I got back from the Great Humber Rescue on Monday afternoon, we had energetic plans to do some work on the boat and the caravan. But the weather was too gorgeous, and I voted to take out Oomoo for a trip to the top of Cannons Creek. Poor little red boat has not been out since last April on our grand trip away, and although M and I have both done some fixing up and painting work on him, he had been languishing under the canvas cover.

M made me launch Moo myself, in the hope that it would embolden me to take solo expeditions – however, I think I need a few more practices before I do the whole getting-the-boat-off-the-trailer thing myself. Either that or pull my finger out and learn how to back a trailer. Anyway. We headed off upstream and into the southern most salt water mangroves in Australia.

We noodled in amongst the trees, with our heads at the height of the paddocks that were all around us. It was so odd! We were obviously going through people’s property, but you would have had to look hard to see us, as the red of the boat was below the height of the banks. It was very shallow. We doubled back on ourselves after a while and took a different turning. I had anticipated that we might be sort of near home, but it was still quite bizarre to look across and see the back windows of the trailer only two paddocks away!

Unfortunately we didn’t find an easy little launching point that would save us having to drive out of the property that we’re living on, but it was interesting to follow the water as far as it went at high tide. The farms that the waterway travels through are all basically denuded-for-grazing dust bowls, which is unfortunate. M and I mused on the trees we could plant if we won Powerball and bought one of them. We drank lime cordial from our thermos, ate apples and took turns rowing back down the creek – the lack of outboard motor noise was very soothing.

It was still sunny, so went and hung out on the trimaran and M made me tea as I lazed on the trampoline with the newspaper. A good reward for enduring my generator pulley dramas, and a nice day out for the small red boat.