After being stranded on the freeway and having my credit card rejected, VirginMoney got in contact with me the following day. Infuriated by the AboutUs site, I had gone to my domain registrar and made my domain private. However, VirginMoney decided that the transaction looked odd, and as they were unable to contact me about it, put a block on my card. Thus, I was stranded on freeway due to stupid AboutUs, my reaction to it, and the zealousness of VirginMoney. I have to say, I’m sure I’ve done transactions that seem more dodgy than a $10 payment to godaddy.com – but who knows? Maybe they thought I was paying cash to some kind of incest fansite… It’s good that they are on to this stuff – my former boss’s bank didn’t contact him until his credit card was overdrawn by a phisher to the tune of $15,000 – but I really could have done without it this time.


My way on the freeway


Out in the Small Red Boat


  1. David

    And the ladder you walked under was on which street?

  2. b:p

    no…it was a black cat which cracked the mirror, spilt the milk and took the lord’s name in vain.

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